Choose the best electric smoker on the market for all your needs

Do you enjoy smoking your meat, fish, or vegetables but your conventional smoker makes the process challenging and long? The simple solution you need is to find the best electric smoker.

Above all, an electric smoker is easy to use(as we've mentioned in our everything you need to know page).

You only need to add the wood—or another fuel resource—set the temperature and walk away.

Best electric smoker

​Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, switch to an electric smoker.

It's understandable however, that you may feel uneasy about deciding which one to buy.

Namely, there are so many on the market that the decision-making process can be overwhelming.

Hence, we made this buying guide to make your decision a lot faster and easier.

This buying guide aims to teach you all there is to know about electrical smokers.

Hopefully after you’ve read this guide you will be confident enough to compare electrical smokers without help and find the perfect one for you.

In addition, two cover accessories are also reviewed to help you pick the best one.

Specifically, they protect and prolong the lifespan of the smoker you buy.

Furthermore, this buying guide informs you of all the aspects to consider when comparing electric smokers to purchase for your home use. 

What to know when buying the best electric smoker

It’s important you familiarize yourself with these electrical smokers’ components.

Above all, the following facts will help you understand what is needed for the product to work effectively.

Temperature control

Thermostats help you to know the heat inside the smoker and the cooking chamber.

Additionally, Heat and time play two crucial roles during the smoking process.

If you want high grade smoked meat each time, then buy a smoker that also comes with a thermostat.

Installed caveats

Caveats are ventilation systems that release some heat and smoke during the process.

This allows you to control the smoke density that is cooking the meat.

This is important for even the best electric smoker, so the meat is cooked thoroughly without unwanted burn marks on the food.

Heat structure

The heating structure determines how the heat is distributed inside the smoker.

Therefore, if you're a beginner or don’t have much practice in using a smoker, then purchase the best electric smoker in the electricity category.

Moreover, the heat flows upwards which helps cook your meat and other ingredients to perfection.

How to pick the best electric smoker

When Making your final decision make sure to consider these important characteristics.

Even the best electric smoker doesn’t need to have them all however, but find one with the features you need most.

Types of resources used

Electricity powers an electrical smoker. But, there are four main resources you can use to create the smoke:

Wood or charcoal: Use this if you want an authentic BBQ or smoky flavored meat.

Additionally, there is normally a tray built into the electrical smoker to feed it wood during the smoking process.

You can use the following woods chips:

  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Mesquite
  • Hickory
  • Oak

Gas Propane: Smoke is created when the gas burns up. Furthermore, this type of electric burner is said to be one of the easiest to use because you only need to set it up.

Hence you don’t have to regulate it and add more gas as you would with the wood or charcoal types.

Electricity: The electricity type doesn’t need any other type of resource. It’s also easy to use by just plugging it in.

An artificial smoke is created during the cooking process.

Trays and racks

An electrical smoker either has a hollow tray or a grill type tray. However, for the best smoking results pick the best electric smoker model that has the latter.

For one thing, the grill type smokes your meat consistently.

Moreover, one aspect of grills you must look for is if they have proper foiling above the grills.

If your electrical smoker has an open top grill, there is a chance the meat or fish will fall on the grill. This can cause the smoke to stop.

Cooking space

The cooking space is the area that covers your food. More importantly, there are generally three sizes of electrical smokers:

Two rack
Four rack
Six rack

Notably, the two rack is ideal to smoke larger pieces of meat because the shelving space makes it easier for you to place the meat.

A six rack is used for smaller cuts of meat and smoking vegetables too. Finally, the four rack is a convenient size for most uses.

Thus, whichever cooking space you pick there is a common factor.

These cookers are ergonomically designed which makes them easier to fit in most spaces. 


Electrical smokers can be difficult to use.

Therefore, if you don’t want to constantly check the temperatures, then purchase an electrical smoker that allows you to input the temperature settings before the smoking begins.

As a matter of fact, to make the process easier there are electrical smokers that can be controlled remotely.

Thus allowing you to monitor the temperature without needing to check it physically. 

Important features that the best electric smoker should have

There are certain factors regarding electrical smokers you must consider. Including:

User friendliness: Pick an electrical smoker that’s easy to start up and operate. Once you do this you can go about your day.

Mainly, you don’t want to do the tedious tasks required with conventional smokers where you have to start the fire to create smoke.

Be concerned about drafts and, remember to check the temperatures.

Safety: Electric smokers are safer than conventional ones. Additionally, most have timers and shut off features.

These prevent the smokers from burning up and becoming fire hazardous.

Therefore, make sure to look for the best electric smoker with these features.

Accessories: Pick an electrical smoker that can be covered with a specialized and, well fitted material to protect it from further damage such as rust caused by rain.

The weight: The average weight of an electric smoker is 40lb to 60lb. More importantly, purchase a smoker within that weight bracket.

Thus, these will be easy for you to carry and cause less friction when you do.

Cleaning: Make sure the electric smoker you purchase has drip pans.

Specifically, the juices from the meat will fall into the pans and not anywhere else on the smoker.

These pans prevent the drippings from getting into hard to reach areas which makes cleaning easier. 

Construction: The typical materials used to make the electric smokers are chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Furthermore, these materials are known for their durable and rust resistant properties.

Durability: Durability is important when you purchase an electric smoker.

Namely, don’t compromise on this because it could mean your electric smoker won't last long. 

Best electric smoker options

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control

The design and construction give you full control when you use this electric smoker.

Whether you're a beginner or skilled you can achieve perfect smoked foods almost every time.

Which is why many consider it the best electric smoker on the market.

This electrical smoker is user friendly. All you have to do is plug it in, set the temperature and it’ll do most of the work. 

The design features that help you to smoke your meat well consist of:

  • Built in meat probe thermometer.
  • Integrated thermostat which allows you to control the temperature for even and, consistent smoking.
  • Time display and internal lights help you to monitor the smoking process.
  • The high output LED lights illuminate the food in low light when the doors are open.
  • The side wood chip loading system makes it easier for you to feed the smoker with more wood without opening the doors.
  • Adjustable door latch to keep the heat and smoke inside the smoker.
Our rating


  • It can smoke multiple meats at once.
  • The wood chips are easy to load and the tray can hold a lot of wood.
  • The holding capacity empowers you to smoke up to 10 foods at once.
  • plus
    Can also smoke vegetables and meat simultaneously.


  • Some units of this model may have a circuit issue which doesn’t make the smoker last long.
  • The smoking element doesn’t always produce consistent smoke.
  • The controller doesn’t have a long lifespan and it’s difficult to replace,
  • minus
    The smoker doesn’t emit smoke at times.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker

Those who enjoy smoking meat often will enjoy this cast iron smoker.

Accordingly, this electrical smoker gives you 730’’ of smoking space.

Hence, making it easier for you to smoke different poultries simultaneously. 

The four racks make it simple for you to pack and organize the meats.

The design also makes the smoker easy to use and control the smoking process. The controls include:

  • Controls to adjust the temperature.
  • Push down control that reads the exact temperature.
  • 24 hour timer and shut off to prevent the meats from drying out.

Additionally, the air dampener mounted onto the smoker makes it easier for you to control the smoke intensity.

This helps you to achieve consistent smoke.

On the other hand, the smoker arrives with 2 trays:

1.The water tray which can be filled with any beverage to intensify the flavors.
2.The drip tray catches liquids for an easy cleanup and makes for a tasty gravy.

Furthermore, if energy consumption is your concern, then this smoker is perfect for you.

Durable insulated body helps reduce the energy consumption when reaching temperatures between 100° and 275°.

Our rating
  • The control panel is easy to use and understand.
  • Assembling the item is simple.
  • Light to transport.
  • plus
    Intense smoke is emitted with a few wood chips.


  • Malfunctions can occur within a few uses.
  • The solid doors make it difficult to monitor the meats from the outside.
  • Doesn’t heat up well in cold temperatures.
  • There are no wheels making portability challenging.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

This electrical smoker doesn’t have a water tray.

Nevertheless, the smoker still cooks foods tenderly and moist & they’ll have the authentic smoky flavor.

Additionally, the flat top design of the smoker makes juices drip back into the foods.

This action is the reason why your food will be flavorful.

The wood tray is mounted onto the smoker and is positioned in a way that allows you to feed it easily.

When you use this tray, you’ll notice that the smoke gets very intense without adding too much wood.

Furthermore, a drip tray arrives with the smoker. All the meats’ juices fall into the tray which is beneficial for you for two main reasons:

1. It makes clean up easy.
2. You can cook a gravy from the juices to use all the flavors optimally.

Only two cooking racks fit inside but, it shouldn’t restrict the amount of meat you want to smoke.

Moreover, the capacity of the smoker is large enough to hold many different pieces of meat.

The smoker is made with corrosion resistant aluminum steel making it durable.

Notably, there are two carry handles for easier transportation.

The electrical heating element is adjustable to help you control the smoking process better so your meats don’t completely dry out.

Our rating


  • Simple design makes the smoker user friendly.
  • The lid seals tightly which prevents smoke from escaping.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • plus
    Smokes meat faster than expected.


  • Assembling the smoker is a challenge.
  • The wood chips take a long time to burn up which affect the smoke’s consistency.
  • Parts can bend or break off.
  • Moisture gets trapped inside making some of the meats wet.

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

This smoker is the best electric smoker for those who tend to entertain many guests. Firstly, the inside dimensions of the smoker are:
-30’’ Tall
-16’’ Wide
-14’’ Deep

This is sufficient space for you to smoke large pieces of meat and vegetables. 

Furthermore, this smoker operates like your electrical home oven.

The only difference is you need to add wood chips for a real smoking BBQ flavor.

The 1500W heating element is fully controllable.

More importantly, you can monitor and control the inside temperatures so your meat smokes well.

Two of the cooking grids are adjustable. Therefore, you can arrange your meats based on their smoking requirements. The third bottom grid is fixed in place.

The smoker is fully welded and has thick walls with handles.

The double walls prevent the handles from heating up to the point where you can't touch them.

Hence, you may have to touch the handles if you must move the smoker away from rain for example.

This smoker is made of steel for durability.

Hence down, you want to take a look at this one as one of the best electric smoker options you can get.

Our rating


  • Simple to assemble and set up.
  • Replacing and repairing parts are easy.
  • Meats are tender after the smoking process.
  • plus
    Temperatures are consistent.


  • The smoker can dent easily.
  • Not all of the drippings of the meat fall into the drip tray.
  • The airflow may need modifications.
  • minus
    There may be a mismatch between the temperature shown on the display and the real temperature inside.

Smoke Hollow 26142E 26’’ Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

The Smoke Hollow electric smoker makes smoking easy indoors and in your back garden. Firstly, the 5ft power cord allows you to place the smoker in an open area.

Additionally, you can monitor the heat with the temperature indicator.

It is no wonder a lot of people consider it the best electric smoker.

Consequently, this ensures your meats won't get too dry and it smokes consistently through all meats.

Technical specifications include:
Power: 110V
Internal heater wattage: 1500W
Maximum temperature: 325°F
Minimum temperature: 175°F

On the other hand, there are only two racks in the smoker.

In fact, if you prefer to smoke a whole chicken, lamb and/or brisket you can do this without any space issues.

Notably, these racks are chrome plated and are adjustable.

The adjustment feature benefits you because you can make the shelving bigger or smaller according to the size of the meats.

Also, there are side handles for easier portability.

In particular, the handle on the door has a cool touch spring feature which prevents your hands from getting burnt when you open the door.

The door also has a latch system for the door not to swing open unexpectedly.

And, a water pan and a chip porcelain coated tray is included.

Ultimately, many people consider this the best electric smoker on the market.

Our rating


  • All meats are smoked thoroughly. Notably, this is especially true when you smoke different meats simultaneously.
  • Cooks faster than expected.
  • plus
    The temperature is easy to regulate.
  • Easy to use


  • The wood chip tray is directly on the heating element which can damage it.
  • Assembling is difficult because the small parts don't fit well into the holes.
  • The water in its pan can evaporate quickly.
  • The food drippings don’t fall into the trays making clean up difficult.

Smokin Tex Pro 1400

This traditional looking smoker is just as effective as modern electrical smokers.

Moreover, the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 is made with stainless steel to help maintain and distribute heat. 

Furthermore, this material also makes the electrical smoker durable over the long run.

It is considered by many classics the best electric smoker available.

The electrical smoker is easy to use. You only need to:

  • Plug it in
  • Add water
  • Add wood chips
  • Place the food
  • Set the temperature
  • Leave it to do the rest
  • That’s how effortless cooking can be

You can control the temperatures from 100°F-250°F with the analog gauge.

In fact, you can rest assured you will get the exact temperatures you need with this control.

Additionally, smoke is produced with the wood chips.

With any type of wood chips used you’ll enjoy delicious, tender and natural wood flavored food.

Moreover, the cookbook you get with the unit helps you to create tasty dishes of any kind.

Conversely, only load a few wood chips at a time so you don’t affect the smoke’s density.


More importantly, there are two vents mounted onto the electrical smokers which provide two advantages:

1. The air vents prevent too much smoke escaping which may be bothersome to the environment.

Hence, this helps keep the meat moist and prevents them from drying out.

2. The other advantage is the air vents keep the smoke moving slowly within the smoker. 

Additionally, you have three cooking trays to use. While the inside cooking capacity is approximately 38lb.

You can place larger cuts of meat or dishes inside the electrical smoker.

More importantly, with all the food you can pack inside it’ll be sufficient to feed 20 to 30 people.

You also have sufficient space to hang and smoke beef to make jerky.

The different food you can smoke doesn’t end there. With the Smoking Tex Pro 1400 you can cook the following dishes as well:

  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Other seafood
  • Sausage
  • Beef
  • Venison
  • Pork
  • Sausages
  • Burgers

Moreover, the supply of a recipe book helps you to increase your cooking skills with the smoker.

Hence, you can enjoy all these dishes in the future.

Additionally, the smoker weighs 70lb.

Although it’s not the ideal weight for portability, but the four wheels assist with this.

Therefore, you don’t have to settle with one fixed position for your electrical smoker.

It is definitely one of the best electric smoker options out there.


  • Its user friendly
  • The wood tray is easily accessible, also removable for easy clean up
  • Easy to cook desired recipes
  • plus
    Temperature control is great


  • The thermostat sometimes doesn’t give you the temperatures you want
  • Moreover, assembling the smoker is difficult
  • The temperatures can increase quickly which can burn meats
  • minus
    There may be problems with the heating element such as failing completely or not heating. up accurately.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electrical Smoker

Compared to others, this electrical smoker is quite small.

As a matter of fact, its overall dimensions are 12.5’’×17.2’’×13.5’’.

You can however, still load up to 22lb of food in it. It is one of the best electric smoker options out there.

Also, the cooking capacity is sufficient for you to host parties.

Additionally, the size of the smoker doesn’t compromise on the construction quality.

The Smokin-It electrical smoker is also made of stainless steel.

Hence, the stainless-steel material prevents rust from occurring no matter how often you use the smoker.

It’s well insulated with fiberglass to ensure the heat is maintained and distributed evenly.

Also, Insulating the inner structure of the smoker stops smoke from being released.

This makes the smoke cook the food thoroughly and give dishes the genuine smoking taste.

There are three adjustable removable shelves.

This flexibility helps you to place larger cut meats or more food into the smoker for one session.

On the other hand, the fourth shelve is fixed in the smoker. The purpose of this shelf is to hold the drip and wood tray.

Notably, you can create smoke with any type of wood.

For instance, a sample of hickory wood is provided with the packaging.

This piece of wood helps you to understand how wood gives flavors to food.


However, the smoker weighs 58.8lb. Attached to it are side handles for easy lifting and four rubber caster wheels at the bottom.

Conversely, these features make it easier to move the smoker.

Additionally, the 400W heating element makes the smoker reach temperatures between 100°F-250°F.

These temperatures are ideal to smoke different types of meat.

Especially relevant, is the fact that the smoker can be used in any weather and the intended temperatures will always be reached.

Finally, the Smoking-It brand understands that easy cleanup is essential for electrical smokers.

Therefore, the company has made this electrical smoker model straightforward to clean.

The design features that help with this include:

  • The bottom of the smoker is covered with foil. This helps you to wipe off any drippings without the use of strong cleaning products.
  • The drip pan must be placed so it can catch all the meat’s juice


  • The smoker has a strong construction
  • The smoker is easy to use and maintain
  • Quick to start up
  • plus
    Assembling the smoker is quick


  • There is no gauge to inform you of the exact temperatures
  • Some components can fall off easily
  • The smoker doesn’t maintain a consistent temperature
  • minus
    Needs platform support

Char-Broil: The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster & Grill Cover

You need to cover even the best electric smoker whenever it’s not used to prevent it from rust or damage.

This Char-Broil cover is custom made to fit any of the brand’s  best electric smoker.

Furthermore, the dimensions are 24’’W × 28.5’’H.

The custom designed cover is made of heavy duty PVC.

Moreover, this material fits perfectly around your electric smoker and protects it against most weather conditions including hail & snow. 

Additionally, there is an upper side ventilation vent fixed into the cover. This vent keeps your electric smoker dry.

Spiders, pests and other debris won't penetrate through the cover.

Specifically, You don’t want these intruders because spiders and pests can cause health related issues and, the debris can cause fire risks.

Lastly, the interior materials are just as important as the exterior ones.

There is a woven polyester inner lining to protect the smoker from scratches. This maintains The Big Easy’s new look for years.

Additionally, to clean and maintain the cover is simple, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Our rating


  • The cover keeps your smoker clean when it’s not used for long periods.
  • The material is thick and, doesn’t tear easily.
  • The cover is heavy and, it won’t blow off easily.
  • The cover is extremely helpful in protecting the smoker from rust.


  • The size is not universal and doesn’t work for all the brand’s electric smokers. Mainly, It’s either too short or too long.
  • The material used to make the cover contains harsh chemicals.
  • Water can leak through. Hence, the inner materials are sometimes damp after rain.
  • minus
    It’s difficult to place over the grill in one smooth motion.

Bradley All Weather Cover 4 Rack

Even the best electric smoker is made with durable materials to protect it against rust or corrosion.

However, if you want protection from rust, dents, scratches or infestation of spiders and pests you need a cover.

Particularly, this Bradley cover is made from 56% polyester and 44% of PVC backing.

Additionally, the cover is 11’’×2’’×9’’. The cover fits well around your original stainless steel four rack digital smoker from Bradley.

This cover protects your electrical smoker during all types of weather.

Furthermore, rain can cause rust on some smokers, but the cover prevents rain or moisture from seeping through.

Concerning weather, the cover is resistant to these climate conditions:


The cover contributes to the smoker’s durability and helps extend its time of usability.

Our rating


  • Lifespan is prolonged if the cover and the smoker are placed inside away from weather.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Heavy yet easy to place over and remove from the smoker.
  • The inner lining prevents scratches.


  • The cover is thin and becomes brittle from the sun’s heat.
  • The waterproof inner lining is also thin and can fall apart.
  • The color fades quickly.
  • minus
    The plastic can get stiff and crack because of the sun.

Final thoughts on best electric smoker

Do you want meat that is full of flavor, moist and tender? ​

t’s time you enhance your cooking skills with the best electric smoker possible.  

Without a doubt there are a lot of factors to consider when picking out your electric smoker. 

Namely, you want to make sure that you don't gravitate towards the masses and pick an electric smoker just because other people are picking the same.

You have to always check what is it exactly that you are looking for.

And ask yourself a few questions, how many people am I going to be cooking for? How often will i be cooking for? Etc. 

Picking out your best electric smoker really depends on your particular necessities and specifications.

What is perfect for one consumer, may be the worst for you . 

Hopefully, you now have a deeper understanding of electric smokers.

So you can quickly finalize your decision as to which is the best electric smoker suited for your cooking needs.

Please feel free to leave us any questions or comments below.

And, make sure to check out some of our other popular posts in our reviews and blog section. 

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