Best offset smoker under 1000

Oklahoma Joe’s Reverse Flow: Best offset smoker under 1000

For those who are into regular barbeque parties at home, you can’t possibly go wrong with an offset smoker. The good news is you can buy the best offset smoker under 1000.

Additionally, they’re also called “traditional smoker” since offset, horizontal, or barrel smokers never fail to produce mouth-watering meats that are to die for.

Namely, you can easily impress your family and friends after grilling your specialty with this highly recommended smoker.

Offset smokers are inexpensive to run, are highly durable, and can cook a great deal of meat in one go.

More importantly, one of the most recommended offset smokers among pit masters is the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker.

Oklahoma Joe’s has been in the business since 1987. With its decades of experience, there’s no wonder why they remain one of the biggest players in the industry with the most loyal client base.

Furthermore, one of their masterpieces if this Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn.

The Longhorn offset smoker has a lot of space to cook and has multiple storage shelves for a more convenient grilling experience.

However, its smart design is what sets it apart. With its powerful features and great performance, it’s no wonder why many grill enthusiasts regard it as the best offset smoker under 1000.

Here’s a rundown of the key advantages that made this model the best offset smoker under 1000:


  • Plenty of cooking space
  • Solid construction
  • Easy and removal and fire tending
  • plus
    Good temperature control
  • plus
    Multiple storage spaces
  • plus
    Multiple dampers
  • plus
    Cool-to-touch handles


  • Its paint may peel easily
  • Not totally portable

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 64.3″ W x 35.5″ D x 55.5″ H
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Firebox chamber plus steel fuel basket
  • arrow-right
    Temperature gauge (Lid-mounted)
  • arrow-right
    Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • arrow-right
    Multiple dampers
  • arrow-right
    Porcelain-coated grates
  • arrow-right
    Reverse-flow smoker with removable baffles

Setting It Up

The assembly doesn’t really take a lot of time. Specifically, In just a few minutes, you can readily put together the lower base, the wheels, the smoking chamber, and other main parts of the unit.

Also, you don’t have to worry about its detachable smoke box. Once fitted, its seal will be airtight. Moreover, Its wheels also fit snugly, and you also won’t have any problem closing the latches.

Besides, that’s exactly what made Oklahoma Joe the top smoker manufacturer—their commitment to impeccable quality.

However, since it weighs about 200 pounds, you may need an assistant when bringing the box into your yard.

Some parts are also heavy, so you may need further help until the assembly is complete.

Now, let’s tackle its features further:

Durable and Smart Design

First of all, even the pickiest pit masters would appreciate how smart and durable its design is. 

With its heavy-gauge steel construction, it will surely stand the test of time.

The grill’s main chamber has porcelain-coated cooking grates that are easy to maintain and clean.

It has a front shelf below its lid handle that makes it effortless to transfer your meat on and off the grill.

Furthermore, you can also find a storage shelf right at the bottom for other cooking essentials you need.

In order to keep your food’s perfect temperature, the lid of its main chamber also has a built-in temperature gauge.

On the other hand, the fire and main chambers’ lids come with stay-cool handles, so you won’t have to worry about getting your hands burnt (although wearing gloves is still recommended).

Reverse Flow Design

The Longhorn offset smoker is a reverse flow smoker. Thus, it gives you total control over the smoke and the heat.

Moreover, there’s a total of four baffles which guide the smoke and heat right through its main chamber.

More importantly, these baffles thoroughly absorb the heat that generates radiant heat to smoke your meat.

Also, they keep drafts to a minimum to enable complete combustion.

In addition, some pit masters fill these baffles with juice or water to add extra flavor.

Its baffles have raised edges, which allow you to control the flow of the smoke and heat all throughout its main chamber.

You can also enjoy multiple dampers that refine the smoke and heat control.

With its removable baffles plus its optional smokestack locations, there really is no problem customizing the whole setup the way you like it.

You can have a totally customized experience with this best offset smoker under 1000.

Easy-Access Firebox Chamber

Especially relevant is the fact that this offset smoker’s firebox chamber also features an all-steel fuel basket for pure smoke and all-out durability. 

Its chamber has this side door, which makes removing ash easier as well as accessing and tending to the fire.

Additionally, It also has a top lid for you to fill and refill easily. You can even grill in firebox chamber for even more grilling space.

Plenty of Cooking Space

Speaking of more grilling space, that’s exactly one of the biggest advantages of the Longhorn offset smoker.

You have plenty of cooking space, enough to feed the whole gang. Here’s its capacity:

  • Main chamber: 751 square inches
  • Firebox chamber: 309 square inches
  • Total cooking space: 1,060 total square inches

Final Thoughts on best offset smoker under 1000

There really isn’t much to complain about Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker.

However, it’s pretty heavy, so if it’s portability that you’re looking for, this might not be your best bet(take a look at some of these). 

Although it does have two huge 10-inch wheels that enable mobility, it may still be a bit heavy if you’re thinking about transporting it somewhere far.

However, if it’s performance and durability that matter most to you, it’s definitely the best offset smoker under 1000.

It’s definitely a worthwhile party grill that gives the best bang for the buck. It also enables you to cater to more guests for merrier weekends.

If you usually have multiple guests coming over for cookouts, this offset smoker is the way to go. It can easily feed more than 10-20 people.

Unleash the cooking warrior in you and feel like a real pit master with this exceptional smoker grill.

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