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When you look at the best smokers on the market, you will probably find a pattern in regards to what you are searching for.

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Therefore, how do you go about finding the best smokers on the market?

That’s why we will continue or series of reviews by looking at some of the best smokers on the market. Ideally, you’ll continue to build up knowledge and expertise on how to find the best smokers on the market.

Nevertheless, we will take a look at one of the best smokers currently available.

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Best smokers on the market: Masterbuilt 10075315

This is without a doubt one of the best smokers on the market. The Masterbuilt 10075315 not only has a ton of features, but also has the backing of one of the most popular electric smoker brands in Masterbuilt.

Masterbuilt was founded by Dawson Mclemore who founded Masterbuilt after converting his backyard into a family business.

Masterbuilt is a leader in the electric smoker industry and is well respected for their excellent devotion to customer service as well as innovative creations.

There is absolutely no way you can wrong with a product from Masterbuilt.

Additionally, the name Masterbuilt comes from Mclemore’s religious beliefs. 


  • Multiple cooking racks
  • Almost 1000 square inches of cooking space
  • Digital panel
  • plus
    Wood chip loading system


  • Controller does not have a long lifespan


Best smokers on the market

Firstly it is important to note that this smoker is perfect for beginners or experts. Therefore, you don't have to worry about neither the complexity of the smoker or the number of features it includes.

This Masterbuilt is great to make just about anything, from turkeys, to ribs, to even corn. 

You’ll be able to execute any recipe with ease for large or small groups. Moreover, this Masterbuilt 20075315 is equipped with a digital control panel and RF remote.

Therefore, you’ll be able to set not only the time, but also the temperature, and just let the smoker start executing your recipe.

Also, you’ll be able to use the controller to keep an eye on the temperature as well.

It is an excellent smoker, and one of the best smokers on the market when it comes to versatility.

Moreover, it has an integrated thermostat. Hence, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature and make sure you have even smoking. How many smokers can you say offer you that?

The digital panel also includes light and time. So you’ll be in total control at all times.

More importantly, you’ll be able to easily multitask while your Masterbuilt smokes your food.

This smoker is tailored made to give you as much flexibility as possible when cooking for large groups.

It is no wonder that it is Amazon’s choice for electric smokers and grills. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this.

Notably, you can get this smoker in multiple sizes as well. 

Dimensions and specifications

The Masterbuilt 20075315 has dimensions of 20.07 x 25 x 40.15 inches and a weight of 73 pounds.

Hence, it is a monster of a smoker that you will most likely be using in your backyard. Although, you do have the option of also getting a 30 inch size smoker.

More importantly, this smoker has 975 square inches of space! Thus you’ll be able to make a ton of food at once.

Namely, you could make 48 sausages at once, or 12 entire turkeys, or even 4 pork butts. Therefore, you get the idea, you can cook quite a lot.

Similarly, you’ll love the fact that it has a chip loading system on the side, that is patented. Thus, you’ll be able to add wood chips without having to open the smoker door. 

Which, is quite useful when you consider that you want to avoid opening your smoker door as much as possible.

After all, you do want that smoky taste in your recipe. That being said, it is also important to note that this smoker comes with a window.

Thus, you’ll be able to easily keep an eye on your food, and again avoid opening the smoker.

However, despite all these features, keep in mind that the controller is not of the bes quality.

Therefore, make sure to take care of it for durability. That being said, this is without a doubt one of the best smokers on the market.

Still not sure? Then consider that Masterbuilt warrants this products to protect you from defects in material and workmanship as long as they are properly assembled, for 90 days!

Thus, you’ll be sure to be covered when you make this investment. 

Final verdict

This Masterbuilt 20075315 is hands down one of the best smokers on the market. Consider all the tools you have included in this smoker.

From the RF controller, to the viewing window, it is an absolute technological machine.

Furthermore, it comes with a 90 day warranty to cover you in case you feel like this is not what you are looking for(although we highly doubt you will be disappointed).

If you make this investment, there is no doubt you will be satisfied for years to come.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned chef, this smoker is one that you should strongly consider to add to your collection.

With so much cooking space at almost 1000 square inches, you’ll be prepared for any family or personal event that requires massive smoking.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of the best smokers on the market.

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