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Butterball electric, oil free, and more! The best turkey fryer

When you join in on the dining table for that turkey dinner, how excited do you feel? That golden brown and delicious turkey plus all its accompaniments make an exceptional meal.

Many Americans reserve it for Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. However, some folks would also cook a turkey meal on ordinary days, and it will be interesting for them to start frying it a little differently.

You can have your turkey prepared in another way if you can have it any time of the year instead of only the roasting method.

When you fry a turkey, the exterior is bound to be crispy, leaving the inside meat juicy. Cooking a turkey by frying has undoubtedly become the most preferred method.

The frying method comes with its specialized equipment and guidelines on how to operate them so that finally, your turkey dinner will be as delicious and unique as planned. Safety is also another critical consideration when it comes to turkey frying.

So, here we are focused on a guide to buying the best turkey fryer on the market. A highly-quality fryer that is safe and efficient enough to help you fry the bird to perfection.

Frying comes with certain risks but having ample knowledge about what you are doing is very vital.

Having the right information as to which fryer is the right one to purchase is the right way to equip yourself.

It’s about knowing the specifications you need, the features, size and the accessories that will make the cooking process a complete one in your kitchen if it’s indoor frying.

Note that you can as well choose to do but outdoor frying which need an outdoor turkey fryer. We don’t take anything from manufacturers.

Therefore it is safe to trust our reviews and recommendations for the best turkey fryer which are 100% genuine. We always do field research using our experts to know the types of fryers that are best for consumers.

Today the market is full of products that appear similar but are different and only expert research can prove that.    

For more general info about how to get the best turkey fryer, keep reading our shopping guide.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Turkey Fryers

best turkey fryer

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor turkey fryers you seek, make sure your choice comes from an informed decision.

Both fryers are good, but we will sort out the better as you read forward. Big insurance companies have always run ads that feature slightly tragic and yet comic incidents about frying turkey.

Their ads won’t help you choose the safest, affordable, healthiest and most delicious fryers in the market or let alone the best turkey fryer.

What the companies are looking to have you do is to buy insurance from them. They aren’t out to ensure that such accidents or messed up turkey cooking doesn’t occur. 

Why choose an Indoor Turkey Fryer

Indoor Turkey Fryer

If the weather is terrible, wouldn’t the warmth in your kitchen be so inviting? Snow does cooking outside even worse unlike using a butterball indoor turkey fryer?

Besides, it is also primarily based on where you live in the U.S. For example, during November ending it is quite a challenge to fry a turkey outdoors.

Remember that with an indoor fryer, you don’t use any gas for it is entirely electric, implying that you only pay for the electricity bill.

Further, apart from frying with the best turkey fryer, you can as well boil or steam. Don’t be bothered if you are scared of cooking indoors. Note that your turkey fryer comes with enough safety features.

A Complete Package

The interior of the fryer has everything packed perfectly, and you can keep it safely on the kitchen counter whether it looks as healthy as any other appliance.

The indoor turkey fryer does not use that much oil compared to conventional fryers. Hence, it makes turkey frying less expensive.

  • A Small Case Against The Indoor Turkey Fryer
  • The oil takes longer to heat heat
  • Oil smell will stay longer in the house
  • Needs a generator at tailgate parties
  • Advantages Of Frying Outdoor
  • It is like a default fryer, and in the South, it is excellent in the driveway.
  • It is quite mobile and be taken for camping, tailgating or to a friend’s place. A propane tank is perfect for the woods.
  • The outdoor fryer does not have an oil smell issue.
  • It’s a fun traditional way of frying turkey
  • Disadvantages of outdoor frying
  • You need propane fuel which adds cost.
  • It’s risky or dangerous around pets and children
  • It takes much oil compared to an indoor fryer
  • It lacks an automatic temperature feature which causes overheat and burning issues
  • Weather especially rain can prevent your outdoor cooking

Though both fryers are right, The Indoor Fryer is superior and therefore preferable.

Types Of Turkey Fryers

Propane Turkey Fryers

King Kooker 1265BF3 Portable Propane Outdoor Deep Frying/Boiling Package with 2 Aluminum Pots

Do you want a turkey fryer with the most significant capacity? Then propane turkey fryers are the type of fryers you should be looking to purchase. They are built to accommodate the largest of turkeys the house or other structures. 

A propane turkey fryer offers you the opportunity to steam and boil as well as fry. One thing to note is that these type of fryer usually does provide temperature controls that are but manual and not automatic.

As a result, the danger of oil overheating and perhaps causing an accident because you never notice is possible. There are also some other models that can easily tip over.

Electric turkey fryers

Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer - 14 Lb Food (23011014)

You want to use a turkey fryer that falls in the category of the safest turkey fryers in the market. Electric fryers meet that wish and can be used inside the house so correctly.

It is easy to clean these electric modeled fryers considering that it comes with parts which are mostly dishwasher-safe.

Another advantage of electric fryers is their ability to steam and boil as well as dry food.  However, they differ in size, for instance, the propane turkey fryers.

One huge advantage of this fryer over some others is that it comes with manual controls of temperature that lets you have a correct decision on which temperature to switch to.

Turkey Fryer Pots

Bayou Classic 10 Quart Aluminum Fry Pot and Basket with Cool Touch Handle

A Turkey fryer pot refers to inherently substantial stock pots that come with a rack and thermometer. It implies that these fryers usually involve an additional source of heating.

The capacity they have to accommodate those large birds is more significant than what an electric fryer can provide. 

Their large size, therefore, means that they are only fit for outdoor frying or cooking.

 In the same way as the propane fryers, these fryers are constructed to steam, boil any foods and also fry using a fryer pot.

Considerations For Turkey Fryer Features

Turkey Fryer features


If the safety of your best turkey fryer is something you consider as seriously as any cautious person should, then the electric model should be your number one choice. 

With the electric model, you will be able to fry your turkey indoors seamlessly all year round in spite of the cold climate that comes with the fall and winter.

Electric fryers are designed to offer manual temperature controls. Therefore, with them, you can manually and precisely set the temperature the way you want unlike when you are using the propane models.

What if you like outdoor frying? Then the propane model is the right choice for you, and you must be ready to deal with the disadvantages.

Additionally, you also use them for frying extra-large birds meaning that they are perfect turkey fryers if what you are cooking is for a large number of people.

However, they come with extra expenses owing to the additional fryer pots that should be there as well. In the same way, the propane turkey fryer also requires you to buy a propane tank for its powering.

Remember that with a fryer pot, a heating source for outdoor cooking like a  propane stove has to accompany it.

Oil vs. oil-free

Oil vs oil-free

With a traditional turkey fryer, you will have to fill in the pot or another compartment of the fryer with oil. The oil gets heated by the appliance, and then you can cook the turkey inside.

Most notably there are also some oil-free models of fryers that use infrared or radiant heat in “frying” the turkey. The best turkey fryer for oil-free models come in both propane and electric options.

Consequently, fryers that are built for oil cooking results in the crispiest skin turkey and people really like that. However, due to health concerns, it can be said that oil-free turkey is better because they are healthier and lower in fat.

With oil-free fryers, you will experience turkey drippings and which you can make gravy out of it.

Size and capacity

Won’t you want to have an electric turkey fryer that is sizable enough for your countertop?

You need a model with a position that will also be suitable for a turkey that isn't too small. Note that electric fryer mostly takes turkeys as big as 14 pounds. 

Propane fryers together with fryer pots come in varying capacities.  Some of them can accommodate 18-pound birds while others can take in 20-pound turkeys.

You have to select the size and capacity you prefer, based on the number of people you are used to cooking for.

For example, if you have about ten people to prepare for, then generally, a 14-pound turkey is enough for them.

For a turkey 18 pounds large, 12 people are enough, and in case of 14 people, a 20-pound turkey will feed them.

With advancement in technological innovation, lots of the best turkey fryers are built with additional helpful features which simplify cooking and curtail risks.

Such built-in extras include a timer, indicator lights, a thermostat, a drain valve, etc. all for cooking purposes or drain valve, that’s cleanup.

Oil-Free Turkey Fryer

Best Turkey fryer

Deep frying your turkey for your family or loved ones while they are eagerly waiting to eat an exciting experience for everyone.

Moreover, if you are entirely in control of the frying process from start to finish, that’ll even be more exciting.

Handling those quality ingredients, the marinade necessary, choosing the flavors and doing the timing are all fulfilling exercise you will enjoy. 

Turkey fries come in varieties of models, sizes, specifications, and features.

One of the essential differences in the models is not only the dimensions of the appliances or whether they are outdoor or indoor turkey fryers, but also the frying aspect.

There are electricity based oil free turkey fryers and propane oil free fryers, electric crude and the propane oil turkey fryers.

The questions as to whether which of the two is a better or best turkey fryer if other categories are involved remains a topic of discussion.

 We have done extensive research on both of them and are in a better situation to explain which of the two is better before you can purchase your turkey fryer.

The oil-free electric fryer has an advantage over the propane oil free model considering especially factors like indoor frying as opposed to outdoor turkey frying that will face a weather problem, especially with snow.

How The Outdoor Oil Free Propane Turkey Fryer Works

Best turkery fryer

As an oil-less fryer, this propane infrared turkey fryer is built such that it employs the use of heat in cooking your bird.

The appliance is constructed to contain an internal cooking chamber that is cylindrical in design.

 It is a 20-pound gas tank made of propane that powers it. It also has a gas burner in a circular shape that heats up space around the double walls.

The interior walls are heated by the gas flame. The stable and even radiation of infrared heat from the inner-wall penetrates the bird.

That heat produces hot air which leaves the interior of the appliances through the exhaust holes. These happen to set the turkey moist and juicy.

Infrared tech renders the cooking fast and with less gas comparatively. The even heating it maintains helps make the exterior of the food crispy and the interior juicy all without using any oil.

Such a process make the propane one the best turkey fryer models in the market

Are you in love with the Oil Free Turkey Fryer turkey dripping?

Then indeed you love the content of the removable drip pan placed under the turkey on the bottom of the fryer for gravy making.

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryer Review

Most people do not appreciate deep-frying a turkey due to the significant amount of hot boiling oil involved in the whole thing.

The dangers that such fat posts to your health are something to be scared of. For some folks, oil even in moderation stuff puts them off.

What about roasting using you are using the best turkey fryer in the world? It seems like a pretty classy alternative to deep frying, but you don’t want to heat up your home as such.

Any other options?  Let’s look at the Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryer and find out how it can fry oil free.

Five features to enlighten you

1. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Cooking Technology

It is the unique cooking technology with which this fryer is manufactured that makes it accessible and considered one the best turkey fryer.

It has some resemblance with the convection as well as the air fryer, but the fact that it is designed not to trap heat inside it makes it different. 

The heat source of the propane does produce a flame of as high as 18,000 BTUs.Inside the cooking chamber, there is a double-walled cylindrical chamber for cooking and that’s where heat is distributed.

2. 16-lb Cooking Capacity

The most massive outdoor turkey fryer in the market isn't even the Big Easy, but the fryer is however big enough for an average sized home. In addition to a regular household, few other visitors can still partake in the amount of fried delicious turkey the fryer can accommodate.

3. Rotary Ignition

The rotary ignition of the The Big Easy fryer makes it quite simple to operate. It takes just a single click, and you are set to start cooking the food.

You don't have to fix or feed any fires and burner stands that need balancing.  The fryer comes with inbuilt temperature control, and you have to connect the propane gas-tank to it, and it'll be all ready.

4. Drip Tray

The Big Easy oil-less fryer is your way to have an easy cleanup and a safer cooking process. That’s precisely what the best turkey fryer does.

With drippings made so easy using a drip plate at the bottom of the fryer is a uniquely thought out idea.

The contraption appears little, but at the end of cooking, the amount of juice it would have collected will surprise you.

You can have enough for making gravies and getting a mouthwatering taste. The juices are therefore quite easily accessible.

 Removing the drip plate becomes easy, and at the end of it, you won’t be bothered to get stains of the dripping through splattering or satins at the bottom of the fryer. 
Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer

5. Accessories Included

There are some essential accessories they come with such as a lid, a cooking basket that includes a lift, a meat thermometer as well as a cooking guide. The propane tank, hose, regulator and the meat you are set to munch

5 Reasons why you should get Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryer

1. It’s way easier to use compared to deep fryers.

Deep frying comes with its risk factors and complications. The name Big Easy speaks to the reality of its earning for it makes frying a turkey very simple.

Remember that it needs no cooking oil, so the burden that frying with oil comes along with is not there any longer which is great. Therefore, people find using the appliance quite inviting.

2. It helps you adopt a lower calorie behavior.

If you ditch the oil, that means you are cutting down on your calorie intake which is a significant health move. There is guilt we harbor when we eat so much fatty food.

Therefore, this method of cooking is a conscious attempt to discipline ourselves and stay away from calories while maintaining our health.

3. They are a safer way to cook than deep fryers

Again, considering the absence of oil in the whole process, grease fires or burns are not anything to worry about.

However, that doesn’t mean cooking with this fryer takes away all caution. No, you still have the issue of too much heat to avoid in spite of even considering the fryer one of the best turkey fryer in the market.

4. It can’t just dry out the meat

Again the absence of oil implies that you can end up with meat that is ready for consumption but unfortunately dry.

What may happen is that when the oven’s convection feature moves hot air within the moving chamber, it draws the meat’s moisture.

With such dryness, some people do not enjoy the turkey they worked so hard to prepare on Thanksgiving or some other day.

Note that The Big Easy is better and hence does not produce such dry meat. It is designed to be able to release the air off the cooking chamber just in time to not let the chicken dry.

That is the feature of the best turkey fryer you will want to have.

The mesh design of the lid helps keep debris away that could fall into the food, and it can as well release such hot air with no fuss.

If you want juicy meat and the construction, The Big Easy is meant for such quality meat.

5. It helps gives you an opportunity to experience various recipes.

In the absence of oil that could wash away the stuff you are seasoning and the flavor therein, this fryer gives you that opportunity to experience and experiment recipes.

With ingredients including brines and marinades, rubs are perfect on the meat before you put on fire. Improving culinary skills is something everyone enjoys especially when you show yours off during a family turkey dinner or something.

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer


  • Putting spice rubs on meat is a great idea as it does not involve dipping it in hot oil.
  • The meat isn’t bound to dry since the hot air within the cooking chamber gets released.
  • Calories are not less in the meat considering that the food is without oil.
  • The Big Easy is built to be able to take in a fowl of a decent size can be big enough for smaller meat cuts.
  • With it, a grease fire risk is minimized
  • With it, a grease fire risk is minimized
  • Appears nice
  • Priced competitively
  • The absence of expenses on oil helps save money.
  •  A great way to slice your calorie intake which is healthy.


  • Does not play a dual function as big steamer and boiler
  • Cooking small meat cuts in it is tricky.
  • Could take more time to cook than the guide instructs.

Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer

Everyone one wants to get turkey a turkey fryer. The trend is wide-spread for a reason, and it is merely the fact that oil-free electric turkey fryers are just exceptionally perfect. 

However, certain dangers are attached to the frying process. A guide like this one is to help sensitize customers and potential customers in handling the best turkey fryer based on informed ideas.

Here is cooking equipment designed explicitly to handled roasted meat efficiently and correctly. With it, outdoor and indoor meat frying can be done with you having to risk the dangerous path most people take deep frying with oil.

Checking out the features if these products are the right place to start.

5 Significant Features of the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

1. Oil-free Electric Turkey Fryer

From a technical standpoint, you could consider this best turkey fryer something else but a fryer regarding that it fries though without involving oil.

Most notably is the fact that this Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer, simplifies everything about turkey frying.

It takes a shorter time and does the perfect frying imaginable. The effort, the expenses and the skill or caution involved in putting in a certain amount of oil are all absent at the frying scene since fuel is not required.

Besides, setting temperature isn’t also an issue because the fryer isn't manufactured to carry a thermostat.

2.   Construction is Double-Walled 

Oil-free fryers are built to have double walls, and that is precisely what the butterball fryer appears like.

The essence is to ensure that heat remains in the interior of the fryer to enable the fowl to get ready evenly and correctly too.

3. The Cooking Capacity is 18-lb

With a capacity of 18-lb, this butterball fryer isn’t the largest, but it is ample for a sizable household and can even serve everyone including visitors.

Even a not so big group of people can be served with food from this fryer. When it comes to stuff like storage and whether it is portable alongside cleaning. 

4. Contains a Wood Chip Box and Oil Drip Pan

These features are quite notable as far as this fryer is concerned. The function of the wood chip box is to bring about that smoky flavor on your meat. Most people like it due to the natural meat flavor and taste it gives the meat.

There is always the dripping of juice when the frying is happening and should collect somewhere. With the drip pan, you can receive the drippings from the meat and with it, you can devise the tastiest sauces for your enjoyment.

5. Tempered Clip Glass Lid

Some folks would prefer electric turkey fryers, but the absence of trust for the lid stops them from exploring the appliance as they fear that it may shatter due to exposure to high temperatures. It is of the best turkey fryer that has guaranteed, is safe and durable.

Butterball 23011615 XL Electric Fryer

Why is the Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer good for you?

1. It Can Enjoy Tasty  Lower Calorie Count Dishes.

Since the Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer is built to cook oil-less, it means it is an excellent way of still enjoying tasty meals without having lower calorie counts.

Like everyone else, you will have as many proteins and whatever healthy meats as you want without the calorie guilt.

It is a less stressful way of maintaining your figure while still eating much of what you like.

2. A safer and healthier alternative to oil-based fryers.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor cooking, frying in high temperatures and a considerable amount of boiling oil are not a right combination for your wellbeing. Most people understand the benefits of not risking it. 

3. Cleaning it is easy.

It is accompanied by accessories such as a basket for cooking, turkey rack, and a thermometer for meat. All these make the frying process so easy and fun.

Since the pot isn’t receiving any oil, cleaning it is difficult. The usual washing of oil-induced efforts is therefore not needed during chores doing time. 

So, you don’t have to bother about oil disposal regarding this unit. Once the product is fresh, you can go ahead and clean it effortlessly.

4. It’s versatile.

In spite of not being designed to cook stuff beyond roasting vast amounts of ingredients and meats especially turkey, this best turkey fryer remains versatile.

The wood chip box is a noticeable part of the fryer that brings that added flavor; you will undoubtedly adore. 

5. Size convenience

Its largeness is quite sizable to provide a feast for a significant sitting. Your countertop or store will find a right place for it.

It is a convenient pick for it can be a perfect fit for many households and this qualifies it as one of the best turkey fryers on the market.

Butterball 23011615 XL Electric Fryer


  • Quite simple to use
  • Sizable enough to handle food for your average size household
  • Appearance is attractive
  • Lightweight and hence portable
  • Does not heat your kitchen up
  • Consists of valuable accessories
  • Convenient and safety heatproof lid
  • Easy cleanup
  • Flavor based wood chip box gives a tasty smoky aroma
  • Competitive price


  • Small size limits the meat size you can prepare for the family or loved ones
  • Temperature can’t be adjustable
  • Produces a beautiful brown turkey but without a much needed crispy skin

Oil-Less Electric Turkey Fryer

Oil-less electric turkey fryers are a great alternative to the traditional turkey fryers in the market. Going for this kind of fryers now is becoming a trend among turkey and other fried food lovers especially considering the oil less function of the fryer.

The health factor and the ease at which this fryer can be operated will undoubtedly make it a go-to for you.

Waring Pro Rotisserie oil-less electric Turkey Fryer

You need the best turkey fryer which means that which is efficient and can cook enough quality food for a household or even more.

The Waring Pro Rotisserie is a professional Oil-Less electric Turkey Fryer which is more or less like a fryer at a commercial building. 

The capacity of this fryer is an 18 lb size turkey, and it's perfectly sized for your loved ones, family or any small gathering. It can as well be an excellent gift for your Thanksgiving.

It is built to run on electricity to about 1800 watts and can take 2.5 gallons in the reservoir.

The features of the fryer comprise a rotisserie basket that can contain 8 pounds of food.

Apart from the meat, this fryer is also designed to be able to fry vegetables and several other dishes.

With the fryer, you use pretty less oil, and that helps keep you away from taking in vast amounts of calories. 

 As an electric fryer, it is built to rotate the food while it cooks. The rotation functionality is to enable the meat to cook evenly on every side.
Waring Pro TF200B Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer


  • Fits well on the countertop
  • Accommodate an average size turkey
  • Design for less oil
  • Has a rotisserie feature
  • Comes with a timer included


  • Takes time to clean
  • Holds only 2.5 gallons

Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews

If you are conscious about the health dangers of taking in calories, then know the importance of an oil-less turkey fryer which tops our best turkey fryer list. It is not only an alternative way to fry a turkey but also the healthy way to do so.

They have changed the best features of traditional turkey fryers like an oven and blended them into something of theirs. Both the conventional turkey fryer and oil-less electric model are portable.

Also, they help you to fry your bird perfectly, and you don’t have to monopolize the oven.

Through our Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews, you can make informed decisions on turkey fryers.  Note that oil-less pots don’t dry your turkey with the hot air it releases like an oven.

Hence, they produce even juicier and the tastiest turkey meat ever.

Greaseless Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Review Center

It is designed to be simple to use and is a perfect alternative way to cook a turkey for healthy eating. You want a turkey that is moist, juicy and delicious for just everyone that will have a taste of.

The Greaseless turkey fryer is manufactured for that. It is an oil Less turkey fryer, and the price too is attractive. With this fryer, your meats don’t cook by hot air such as it would in a traditional oven. 

Like a standard fryer, a greaseless fryer is a resembles a tall and large pot that is wide enough for an entire turkey.

There is a sort of basket in which the meat is lowered. An empty chamber is a look of where the beef is reduced for cooking. We offer you the best oil-less turkey fryer reviews with which to explore turkey frying.

Char-Broil The Big Easy - TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer

Infrared Cooking

A uniquely built propane burner is walled within both the outer and the inner walls which radiates the infrared heat that enters the meat for direct roasting.

The generated hot air is released out through the roof of the fryer. It’s a smoker and a grill: It employs the use of wood chips or pellets inside the internal smoke. It is the best at versatility.

Extras included

Besides the stray for collecting grease, varying temperature control, and stay cool handles, the Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill also involves a meat thermometer as well as a rotating basket.

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Less Fryer and Roaster

Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer - 14 Lb Food (23011014)


You don’t have to buy propane any longer. The Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster is built to run entirely on electricity.

Radiant heat

The double-construction features the heating element, and it’s well enclosed within it. The technology uses radiant heat to fry the turkey. 

Tempered glass lid

Do not let out the heat by opening the cover of your fryer. 

Wood chip box

It is the feature that gives the smokehouse flavor. It is placed in the interior of the pot.

Avalon Bay Oil-Less AB-Airfryer100R

Avalon Bay Air Fryer, For Healthy Oil-Less Fried Food, 3.7 Quart Capacity, Includes Free Airfryer Baking Set and Recipe Book, Red, AB-Airfryer100R

If you are a bargain shopper, then it’s important to know that this fryer is lower priced excluding the accessory pack which isn’t so useful.

Fan technology

The Airfryer100R is unique. Its fan technology can drain the fat and oil off the meat into the drip pan.

Automatic shut-off

With this great safety feature, your timing is perfect and overheat will be taken care of. It’s simple.

For the sake of precision, you may set the timer twice. First, to time the first cooking period, then remove the cooking basket, turn the turkey and reset the timer for the final minutes.

Free recipe book

Using an oil-less fryer is the correct alternative to traditional or standard cooking, including deep frying.