Brinkmann Gourmet Electric smoker

Everything about the Brinkmann Gourmet Electric smoker you need to know, including instructions and parts

Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is a grill released by Brinkmann group in the year 1994.

It uses a heating element powered by electricity, unlike other smokers which use propane to heat wood chips to produce the smoke.

It saves users money in the long run since the user won't have to spend money on buying propane.

The Brinkmann electric smoker is a very convenient method that can be used for smoking meat either family use or special occasions.

It is available worldwide, and it is one of the most famous smokers in the market. It's also one of the least expensive smokers anyone can buy.

It has become popular because it maintains the heat with little effort and at an even temperature.

Furthermore, It doesn’t require constant monitoring at all after you place your meat all you have to do is wait and check on the temperature of the meat after some time.

Smoked meat on the Brinkmann electric smoker is flavorful and tasty than you can ever imagine. 

You can take the Brinkmann electric smoker anywhere you want, place it and use it so long as there is an electrical outlet.

Therefore it doesn't limit you to use it as a permanent place. If you love smoked meat, this would be your right smoker since it can give you the best meat taste. Electric smokers are suitable for beginners who want to start smoking meat.

Benefits of using a Brinkmann ​​​​​​gourmet electric smoker

Brinkmann ​​​​​​​​​gourmet electric smoker

It is easy to control the temperature since the unit does it automatically. Therefore, you won't have to worry about temperature overshooting.

It is safer to use, unlike other smokers since it doesn’t use wood, which is likely to cause a fire.

Due to this, it is safe to use at balconies, condos and any other place of your choice since it doesn’t emit any burning members.

Moreover, the Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker has extra cooking capacity; there are smokers of various sizes.

Therefore, you will have to choose a smoker that suits your use. The amount of cooking pounds also depends on your size.

It can easily be fixed in a limited area, that means even if you have a small space at your kitchen, it can still be set for smoking. It is also easy to use just by following the given instructions.

Brinkman gourmet electric smoker allows you to smoke meat, chicken, and poultry that is delicious.

It does not limit the kinds of meat you have to smoke.  You can burn two types of meat at once since it has more than one grill.

Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is easily navigated in the inside even when you are setting up the smoke;

Additionally, the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is chrome plated on the steel grills. Therefore it helps to speeds up the cooking. 

It is great for travelers since it is easy to store and move. You don’t have to depend on any flame to generate smoke.

The Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker uses coils to generate heat which makes it more preferable compared to the traditional smokers.

Using a Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is better since you don't hassle to make fire. As you may well know to make light is very tiresome when the wood not well dried.

When you are ready to smoke, you will only have to plug in the unit. Therefore if you are a beginner and you are thinking of buying a smoker be sure to revise this advantage.

  • Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is a convenient smoker to use as long as you access to an electrical outlet outdoors. You can use extension cord which is made with heavy gauge wires.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is suitable for light-duty smoking such as pork chops, chicken pieces, and other meat of a small size.
  • There is no need to put an eye on the food all the time since you can just set it and wait but you have to be around to check on temperature, water, and charcoal when necessary.
  • It takes less time to heat
  • It is durable, affordable and adjustable electric smoker.
  • You can fix the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker in your kitchen and also outdoors.
  • Can smoke up to fifty pounds of meat from beef, pork, and poultry using the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker
  • You can obtain best results when you mix smoky flavor to different types of meat.
  • The Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is light to carry you can move it anywhere
  • You don't need much effort to operate it
  • It is underpowered such that its electric element cannot smoke bigger meats.
  • There is no  built-in temperature gauge which is to be mounted in the lid;
  • The heating element is not adjustable therefore regulating the temperature becomes a problem.
  • Its electric cable is small therefore you have to add an extension.
  • Adding wood may be difficult sometimes because its door is small.

Tips when using Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker

Learn about all the parts of the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker and how to assemble it, make sure there are no loose ends

  • Allow the wood to burn slowly
  • Try out different kinds of wood and meats until you find your right combination
  • Do not use excess wood since it will make your food taste bitter.
  • Make sure you check on the temperature now and then especially on the cold days.

We would recommend you to buy a Brinkmann Gourmet Electric smoke for smoking small meats such as sausages, fish, and chicken. For occasional turkey, it will also be suitable only if you have enough time.

For smoking significant portions of meat like ribs, pork, brisket, shoulders it will be a bit hard if you use it every weekend but for occasional meats, it would be fine but would take some hours.

Parts for Brinkmann smoker

The Brinkmann smoker 

Master built a charcoal bullet

  • It is 395.4 sq inches of a cooking size
  • Has a front access door which helps you to add charcoal without any difficulties.
  •  It has a built-in lid thermometer which provides an accurate temperature reading.
  • Has porcelain -coated water and charcoal pan.
  • If you already have the smoker and need to replace some parts, the parts can be purchased from the internet at affordable prices.
  • There is also shipping of the parts to various parts of the world.
  • Some sites provide free shipping services as well as discounts for their products.

Electric heating element

  • It is one of the parts of the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker that fits many electric smokers
  • Its power specifications are 1500w, 120v
  • Provides heat to the electric smoker. Therefore, it allows the supply of temperature for cooking the meat.
  • It cannot be adjusted easily.

Chrome grill

  • It fits the Brinkmann charcoal, gas and electric smokers.
  • It is chrome plated to resist rust, as you know rust is not healthy when its contaminated with the meat and for easy cleaning
  • Can hold almost 25 lbs of meat, poultry as well as chicken when smoking
  • After the meat is ready, it is placed on the grill before it is taken to the smoker.

Brinkmann smoker charcoal pan

  • It can hold about 12 lbs of charcoal for vertical smokers.
  • Brinkmann smoker charcoal water pan has porcelain steel which resists rust
  • It is also very wide which is allows you to put the required amount of charcoal as you smoke

Brinkmann smoker water pan

  • Brinkman smoker water pan can hold marinade or water for the vertical smokers
  • Porcelain coated steel which resists rusting in the inside of the smoker
  • It is big enough to hold up to 4 quarts of marinade or water. Therefore, you will not need to check on the water in a short duration of time.

Brinkmann upright smoker temperature gauge all in one round 

  • It fits in many vertical Brinkmann smokers
  • 2” round, has French and English
  • It has two labs and twists into a hole of a Brinkmann electric or charcoal smoker.
  • Even though this is not the exact gauge, but it can be used to determine the temperature, so you can maintain the heat to make sure it doesn't rise too much.

Masterbuilt front controller electric smoker with window and Rf controller

  • 730 sq inches of cooking space with four chrome-coated racks. Moreover, It has 800 watts heating element which has full foam insulation.
  • It has a handle and rear wheels which makes moving the smoker easy
  • Rf remote controls which monitor and controls temperature, internal light, time, meat temperature and the on/off
  • Redesigned front access drip pan and smoother operating wood chip loading the system and top air damper
  • Blue led display which makes reading temperatures and cooking time in direct sunlight easier.

Char-broil lava rock

  • Ideal for grass grills that use a volcanic rock to retain the heat that is under the cooking surface.
  • It is a low-cost option radiant for cooking

Weber char-basket charcoal briquet holders

  • It is exceptional for charcoal or wood chunks and makes organization of charcoal easy.
  • Helps to provide even distribution of heat
  • Made from a durable aluminized steel which makes it durable
  • It is outfitted with side and bottom vents which allows ample air floor
  • Makes indirect cooking convenient and easier
  • It can resist corrosion and easy to clean

Brinkmann upright smoker complete wooden handle for smokers

  • Pack of three replacement handles
  • It includes metal handle straps and wood halves
  •  Fits many charcoals and electric Brinkmann smokers
  • The spacing on the metal straps is 5’ apart that allows the supply of heat through the meat.
  • It cannot fit the larger trail-master, spoken its series.

Brinkmann upright smoker lower support brackets part

  • Three pack of round vertical smoker brackets
  • They hold up the lower grate and the water pan.
  •  Includes hardware

Weber cooking grate

  • It has  a 13.5 diameter cooking grate
  • It fits 14-inch smokey joe both silver and gold as well as tuck-n- carries grills

Masterbuilt Thermo temp propane smoker

  • Thermostat controlled temperature- there is no need for you to adjust the temperature manually, and there is no electricity required.
  • It has a safety valve which shuts off the burner if the flame is extinguished. Hence, you are safe from fire when smoking.
  • The tank fuel level gauge indicates the amount of propane in the tank
  • There is a temperature sensor which controls burner to maintain the desired temperature
  • Dual-door design whereby wood chips can be added without losing heat.

Old Smokey electric smoker replacement drip pan

  • porcelain coated drip pan
  • It fits the old smokey electric smoker
  • It may also provide some smokers of similar size; you have to check dimensions of your smoker before you order it.

Brinkmann grill parts pro universal bbq grill replacement/ Stainless steel premium temperature gauge

  • Universal replacement to repair most adequately sized grills
  • You drill a hole and install it to the electric smoker
  • It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable
  • It is easy to read large dial

Barbecue smoker/grill cover 

  • Heavy-duty vinyl and water repellent finish
  • It has a tough fabric which provides robust support against any weather(cold/hot)
  • It is easy to clean and merely hosing with water, and you can take off the dirt easily

Dyna charcoal offset smoker

  • Heavy gauge porcelain enameled steel wood chip box
  • 784 square inch of the total smoking area which can smoke up to 100lbs of food at a time
  • Has a dual door design which minimizes heat loss while you can still add wood chips through the smoking process.
  • It has a heavy-duty steel body construction which has a high-temperature powder coat finish that makes it durable and long lasting

Top charcoal grill and side fire box

  • It is a removable ash pan that makes coal clean up easy
  • Fits the charge griller pro deluxe, outlaw, wrangler as a side firebox
  • It is made of heavy steel construction
  • It has a sliding drawer for easy access to coals and ashes, stay cool hood handle and easy dump ash pan

Brinkmann cast iron smoker box

  • It is made of a heavy cast iron construction
  • Has vents which help direct smoke towards food
  • It helps to prevent the wood from catching on fire
  • Adds smoky flavor to food 

Brinkmann Grill parts pro adjustable 8.”

  • Universal replaced cooking grid to fit any proper size grill
  • Non -stick surface for easy clean- up
  • It is weather resistant. Therefore, you are free to use your cook at any weather
  • It is made of porcelain coated steel

Grillalholics smoker box

  • In a real sense, everything tastes better on the grill when you add delicious flavors to your meat using this Grillaholic smoker box
  • The smell of this grill can relax anyone after having a long day
  • Man discovered the fire, but grillaholic mastered its use
  • The smoke from this helps you to make the real barbecue

EZ smoker tubes

  • It is ideal for smoking beef, pork, and poultry
  • It delivers 2-4 hours of smoke, and hence your meat can cook evenly
  • Can be used with wood pellets
  • It is made of steel and easy to clean after use.
  • You can leave it on the grill after each use there is no need of individual storage
  • All of these Brinkmann parts can be bought from various sites on the internet at very affordable prices.
  • You go to the website and order the item you want, and you will have warranty depending on the manufacturer.

How to use a Brinkmann electric smoker

Things you will need

  • Brinkmann electric smoker
  • Water
  • Wood chips
  • Meat

Smoking set up

Set up the base and make sure its power cable is at the back of the plate. You have to set up your cooker before smoking with Brinkmann electric smoker if you want o get the best results.

Lift the lid from the smoker’s body and remove the body from the pans’ base. Put the flavor wood around the heating element and on the lava rocks.

 Just use four chunks of wood, there is no need of using a lot of flavoring wood to achieve best results when there is need of more wood you will add it up.

Take the empty water pan and then place it inside the smoker. Put the body back to the base pan.

The reduced marinade on the water pan almost to 1 inch from the top, add any flavors of your choice to the water.


Best gourmet electric smoker

After the setup, you can place one grill on the brackets above the water pan. The first layer of the food will be placed first;

Now you can put the menu on the rack. Make sure you keep spaces between each portion to allow the provision of heat evenly.

Do not put too much food or meat on the grill until you overfill it since too much meat will prevent the supply of heat evenly.

Take the second grill and place it on the brackets near the top of the body. Put some food/meat on it and cover the body using the lid. Plug the power cord in the electrical outlet.

This will take some time. Therefore, you should check the water levels after every two hours and then add water if needed.

Check the amount of smoke after some time and add wood chunks if needed. Use the meat thermometer to check if the meat is evenly cooked before taking it off the grills.


gourmet electric smoker

You can also use the Brinkmann electric power as a grill. When you use it as a grill, the meat is cooked by the heating element which provides heat and the lava rocks.

Take the lid and the body from the base pan and then place a cooking grill on the brackets of that base pan.

Take your meat and place it on the grill and cover it with the lid. Place the smoker into an electric outlet to start grilling.

Brinkmann electric smoker temperature.

Brinkmann electric smoker temperature is what determines if the meat is done the cooking. 

A thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature of the meat as it smokes.

You can use a digital broke thermometer because it can stay in the meat as it burns. An instant-read thermometer such as Thermo Mk4 can also be used.

To maintain Brinkmann electric smoker temperature, you need to keep the water pan full. The water pan absorbs the heat, and it also helps in regulating the temperature.

You will have to fill water in your pan in after every 3-4 hours depending on the size of your container, your smoker as well as temperature. If the smoker is getting too hot, you can switch to cold water.

To maintain the temperature open the lid only when you want to turn the meat or add water. It might take some time before the heat on the smoker rises. T

herefore, you should be careful so that you do not overshoot your target temperature. When you exceed, the target temperature id is going to be challenging to get it down.

Brinkmann electric smoker instructions

operating instruction, assembling instructions and warnings

Use the smoker on solid stable surfaces only, do not use it on wooden or other surfaces that could easily burn.

You should always use an ash guard under the smoker to protect the surface from heat damage. The ash-guard is designed for use with a smoker to help clean up drippings which cause discoloration on the surface.

This smoker is for household only, do not use it for other purposes and do not leave the smoker unattended when you are done using it.

Do not move the smoker when there are hot liquids in the pan, And you should always use a water pan when smoking. Make sure the liquid in the water pan is not evaporated and check the water pan after every two hours.

You should move the smoker when it is in use, Do not use it near gasoline or any other flammable liquid.

Be careful when assembling and operating the smoke to avoid scrapes or any cuts from sharp edges.

Check on the support brackets to make sure the notches are upright, and they are secure before use

You should always place your smoker far from children and pets. There is a need for close supervision when the smoker is in use to avoid any danger that might happen.

When using the smokers outdoors and in windy weather make sure the smoker is protected from the wind.

You should always wear oven mitts to protect your hands from burns and do not touch hot surfaces.

Remove the coals and ashes from the smoker, be careful while doing this to protect yourself and the smoker. Take the remaining coals and ashes and saturate them with water.

Assembly  instructions

Attach the wooden handle to metal brackets using screws and nuts, attach the handle assemblies as well to the side of the smoker body using screws and square bolts as well

Attach the lower and upper support brackets inside of the smoker and mount each bracket with rough side facing up using screws as well. Make sure the screws are tightened up.

Place charcoal pan in the base, and the water pan inside the smoker body on the lower support brackets. Make sure the rim is resting on the notched outstep of the three support brackets.

Place the smoker on the base of the pan

Attach the handle assembly on the lid using screws and install a heat indicator in the cover.

Operating instructions.

Remove the water pan from the smoker and leave it out during the curing process. Coat the interior surfaces of the smoker using vegetable oil spray.

Allow the temperature in the smoke to reach the ideal range and maintain it for two hours then let them cool completely.

Use long cooking tongs when placing the flavoring wood on top of the hot charcoal.

Take the empty eater pan and place it in the smoker, set the smoker body on the base pan, add water in the pan. Do not overfill the water

Place the cooking grill on the lower support brackets,  place the meat on the cooking grill in the first layer to allow smoke and moist heat to circulate.

Place meat on the other grill,  and put it in the smoker and allow your meat to cook for almost three hours. Use for the thermometer to make sure that the meat is thoroughly cooked.

Let the smoker cool after smoking.

After use instructions 

Allow the smoker to cool completely, remove all the coals and ashes from the smoker, wash the cooking grills, the charcoal pan and the water pan with hot soapy water. Rinse them and let them dry.

Clean the smoker on the inside and outside, then apply some vegetable spray inside the smoker, the lid, the grills and the pans. This helps to reduce interior rusting.

You should never paint the interior surface of the smoker. Rust in the internal parts of the smoker can be cleaned and can be coated with vegetable oil.

Brinkmann gourmet charcoal smoker parts 

The Brinkmann charcoal smoke smokes meat, chicken, and pork. It has four legs to ensure maximum support and stability;

It has a charcoal bowl which you can use to add the flavor of the charcoal. The smoker also has a bowl which can maintain low cooking temperature.

Brinkmann smoker replacement door

It includes a separate hinge and does not include hardware.

It fits my Brinkmann smoker units

Brinkmann vertical round smoker charcoal water pan

Brinkmann electric smoker

 Can hold 4 quarts water and marinade for vertical smokers.

It is a 13.5-inch Brinkmann smoker water pan

It has a porcelain coated steel which can resist rusting

Brinkmann Rack barbecue

The rib rack is perfect for use on water, smokers, gas grills and charcoal grills.

It is designed in a way it can save space and can hold almost six racks of meat

Brinkmann cook's carry charcoal smoker and grill

It is a portable charcoal smoker

The grill delivers excellent barbecue which tastes good

Double-latched lid ensures easy transport.

Charcoal smoker has always been a simple one use, and it has been on the market for decades now It has been regarded as a traditional way to smoke food until the electric smokers were introduced.

It uses charcoal chips as fuel and produces heat, the heat that is generated is applied to burn the meat.

The wooded chips placed above it are also burnt by the meat to produce smoke. The smoke heats the meat slowly and allows it to cook.

Using a charcoal smoker, you will have to monitor it continuously. Therefore, you have to stay around the smoker to check the meat after a few minutes.

Brinkmann charcoal smoker instructions 

Smoking meat is a better way to infuse flavor into the meat. The Brinkmann charcoal smoker instruction shows you the proper step into how you can use the smoker to make meat of the best characteristics.

Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker

Curing the smoker

Take a protective surface and lay it and lay it underneath the charcoal smoker, Use an aluminum foil if you don’t have anything else to use as an ash guard.

Remove the lid from the smoke, take the water pan out of the smoker then cover the opening at the top of your smoker.

Coat the interior of the smoker using vegetable oil but do not coat the charcoal pan. If it is a new smoker, it also has to be cured to get rid of odors from paints of the manufacturer.

Put coal into the charcoal pan of about 8-10 pounds, cover the pan in litter fluid and let it soak in few minutes. Light the fire after a few minutes but be careful with the fire.

Let it burn for like 20 minutes until the coal becomes more light and gray, Keep the temperature of the smoker ideal marker of the top half of the unit.

Best gourmet electric smoker


Remove the lid and the water pan from the smoker

Fill the water pan with water and marinade,   and place it back into the smoker.

Take the grills, and arrange the meat on the racks. Put the racks in the smoker and let it cook for few hours. Check the temperature and make sure it is not too much.

Check the water pan after every three hours and add water is there is no water. The charcoal smoker helps you get a flavored and delicious meat just like the electric smoker.

Brinkman gourmet electric smoker parts 

The Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is a smoker with 375 sq inches which has two cooking grids.

It has 1500 watts heating element which is the lava rocks. A lot of other smokers have vents which let out the heat and smoke when necessary, but for this one, you have to heat up the smoker and set the heating element.

The Brinkmann gourmet electric smokers also have a water pan; this water pan helps to make the meat inside the smoker to be tasty and juicy.

At the bottom of the Brinkmann electric smoker, there is the lava rock and the heating element.

For this electric smoker, one of the most popular parts is the Brinkmann electrical element which helps in providing heat.

Another exciting part is the Brinkmann electric convert kit which can transform charcoal smoker in the electric smoker; Its heating element is 1500 watts.

It also has a cover which the smoker to prevent it from water since water and electricity don’t mix.

Final thoughts

The electric smokers are the advanced version of the charcoal smokers which are simple to use and requires less monitoring.

They come with thermostats which monitor the temperature, and it allows constant heat supply in the smoker.

There can be a few challenges as you use the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker.

Another challenge people come across with is that you may want to use it and electricity may not be available therefore you will have to wait for the power back if you don’t have a generator at your home.

We would recommend this smoker for people who are looking forward to making delicious and tasty meats.

If it is for family use, then your family is likely to eat the best tasty meats. If you need the electric smoker for restaurants or occasions, you are likely to have an increasing number of customers since the meat is delicious and well cooked.

The Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is widely available, and it’s the most popular smoker in the market.

It is highly affordable, and simple to use. Its quality is high as well as performance. Electric smokers are among the much loves cooking item cooks prefer.

The smoker is easy to assemble the smoker, and its grill works well. It is also easy to set up and easy to clean because it has the separate base pan.

It produces a thick smoke which infuses in the meat that is placed on the grills which makes your meat more delicious.

We would recommend this smoker also for the BBQ enthusiast who is willing to smoke the best meat.

One thing you have to know is that you the Brinkmann smoker will never stress you out, no any troubles using the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker.

We recommend the Brinkmann electric smoker for your home and occasions since nowadays many people love smoked meat.

The Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is the best because it smokes delicious juicy meat with maximum safety.