Grill cooking times, temperature problems: Traeger VS Rec Tec review

Whether its beef, chicken, seafood, pork ribs or any dish you would love to enjoy. Investing in your grill is of vital importance. Hence why today we want to take a look at the Traeger vs Rec Tec comparison.

While some of the grills in the market use electricity, others use charcoal. However, most of the best grills in the market today rely on wood pellets.

The wood pellets fuel comes from various kind of trees and flavors. Although the taste does not hide the natural flavor of seafood, meats, or vegetables.

The Traeger Company has created a strong reputation online due to the different smokers it offers. It has both large and small smokers that fit every budget.

Rec Tec, on the other hand, is one of the companies that provide great competition against Traeger.

With just two models in the market, Rec Tec is comparable to most of the Traeger products. Thus, let's look at the comparisons of Traeger vs Rec Tec

Comparison between Traeger and Rec Tec

Traeger Grill

Custom Features

In looking at Traeger vs Rec Tec, it is noted that with Traeger, what you see is what you get.

All that you require for grilling and smoking accompanies the barbecue that you purchase.

Even though different organizations make items that are good with Traeger barbecues, Traeger itself makes grills, wood pellets, and other essentials.

On the other hand, REC TEC makes various embellishments and different items that you can use to alter your grill.

Moreover, you may buy a second retire that you can utilize when your essential rack is filthy. Or a burning unit that gives meats a pleasant singe outwardly.

REC TEC even makes stockpiling racks that you can append to the base of your barbecue.

Temperature Control

Traeger temperature control

Traeger was one of the main barbecue companies to put a digital temperature screen on its grill.

This screen utilizes strong and splendid red numbers that you can see when cooking in the pre-daybreak hours, after the fact in the day or even around evening time.

Most Traeger flame broils likewise have a standard temperature dial on the best piece of the top as well.

REC TEC incorporates its own particular advanced temperature display screen that you can use as an afterthought as well.

The company outlined its personal specific Smart Grill Technology highlight as well. Which gives you a chance to pick a specific temperature in a five-degree increase.

This element likewise enables the barbecue to keep up that temperature over a more drawn out period. This is key when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec

Temperature Range

In comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec. REC TEC performs preferably in this classification over Traeger because its grills have a temperature scope of somewhere in the range of 180 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most Traeger grills have a significant temperature setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, Traeger barbecues do have a base and a more extreme background that you can pick when cooking sustenance gradually or for singing and cooking nourishments speedier at a higher temperature.

Grilling Area

Traeger Grilling area

Regardless of whether you cook for your family, or you cook for a big gathering, you have to ensure that you purchase a grill/smoker with enough cooking space inside.

Even though the most prominent REC TEC grill has more than 700-square creeps of cooking space, it’s convenient model has significantly less space inside, when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec.

We need to give this classification to Traeger because the company makes such a large number of grills with an extensive variety of barbecuing spaces.

Its biggest grills can cook 20 to 30 burgers or more in the meantime. A portion of its grills can likewise oblige at least six turkeys inside.


When comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec, concerning convenience, the two companies are reasonably equitably coordinated.

REC TEC makes a little barbecue with collapsing legs that you can use in a campground or a parking area.

Its most prominent grill has casters on the included truck that can secure. Whereas all Traeger barbecues accompany comparative trucks.

However, you have the choice of expelling those trucks and utilizing the grill on an alternate kind of surface as well.

Traeger likewise makes a smaller and more versatile wood pellet grill that uses convection warmth and will work with any 110v outlet that you run over.

Top Traeger Products

For a considerable length of time, the grill has been utilized in cooking several suppers in various social orders.

It was initially intended to moderate cook hoards; however, as advancements occurred, distinctive dinners were likewise cooked in this style. Thus, this made grills regular in many social orders today.

At that point sort of grill used is important as well, you can't appreciate cooking if the barbecue is poor.

Traeger Renegade Elite

The company situated in the USA has been the pioneer of pellet flame broils for more than 30 years now.

Moreover, the company grabbed hold of the pellet barbecuing innovation patent, which influenced it to overwhelm the market for quite a long time.

Be that as it may, as the mechanical progression has taken another pace, the pellet grill advertise experienced rivalry as of late.

This made the organization think of new enhanced and updated grills to murder the opposition.

Here is a portion of the fundamental features that are presented in this new Traeger Renegade Elite grills, these features are key when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec.

Traeger Grills TFB38TCA Renegade Elite Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Built In Tool Rack and Shelf - Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise and BBQ


  • The grill has 380 square inches barbecuing region; this makes a decent size for a family estimate supper.
  • The territory can likewise suit different sorts of dinners being grilled immediately. This size guarantees an absolute amount and immaculate vitality utilization for the grill.
  • Has a device caddy rack; this component of the barbecue is intended to guarantee that the client has all the required apparatuses close by when grilling.
  • It troubles individuals to pursue unique instruments needed while the grilling is simultaneous. With this element, all your grilling apparatuses will be in one convenient spot. 
  • It is made with Wire Front Prep rack; this is another impressive element that accompanies Traeger Renegade Elite grills.
  • This front prep rack empowers one to set up the nourishment to be grilled before going into the barbecue.
  • It likewise fills in as accepting spot of the sustenance from the grill, it perhaps to test purposes or filling needs.
  • This grill is energized by 100% natural hardwood pellets; the suppers from this sort of wood let go barbecues have an impossible to miss the taste.
  • The feeling that neither gas nor charcoal can give. The Traeger hardwood pellets are from natural hardwoods with no coupling operators or fillers.
  • This delivers the exceptional wood let enhance which is to a high degree challenging to get somewhere else. 
  • It has a computerized first class controller; this component has made the grill setting similarly as simple as stove setting.
  • This advanced world-class controller empowers the client to keep up the temperature of the barbecue within -/+ 20 degrees.
  • This enables you to moderate cooking on the smoke setting to try and quickly hot up to 450 degrees.
  • One can without much of a stretch read the temperature plainly and forcefully through the LED show on the grill.
  • It is worked with an electric autostart. This dispenses with every one of the requirements of managing fire starters; there is no compelling reason to light your grill with a match.
  • The auto change empowers one to flip either on or off, and your Traeger is up running and prepared to begin barbecuing. 
  • The Traeger Renegade Elite barbecue is anything but difficult to with clean porcelain grill grinds; the in fabricated non-staying surface makes it simple to perfect, even after smoking a saucy rack of ribs or delicious burgers.
  • This prompts less time cleaning and additional time making the most of your suppers with family and companions. 
These are just some of the features that accompany Traeger Renegade Elite when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec.

Moreover, the costs are moderate. One can get this barbecue at a reasonable price and appreciate the practical grilling.

Traeger TFB42LZBO Lil'Tex Elite Grill

Throughout the years since its innovation in Oregon, Traeger keeps on driving the change in the business as universes number 1 offering wood let go grill.

The long periods of experience make the organization consummate its aptitudes and acing the art of wood pellet grills.

The 100% hardwood pellets and advanced controller, implies one can move from ease back cooking too hot and quick grilling.

Not at all like Traeger Renegade Elite, the Lil'Tex Elite has more long legs to give it more position and adjust.

This is likewise because of its greater grilling region of around 418 square inches. The direct steel development configuration makes it a magnum opus of its kind.

Here are more features of the Lil'Tex Elite Grill when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec.


  • It has 418 square crawls of the grilling region; this empowers a family measure supper settlement. One can likewise welcome companions and use the grill with no issues.
  • That as well as enables the client to get ready in more than one kind of food immediately.
  • Have a computerized first class controller with LED show; this empowers simple temperature control and maintains.
  • The advanced display will show the present temperature, subsequently allowing the user to entirely control the temperature by merely utilizing a stove. 
  • 100% hardwood pellets energize real 100% hardwood pellets fuel; contrasted with Traeger Renegade Elite, the Traeger Lil'Tex is a first class grill.
  • This enables it to be extremely proficient at delivering enough vitality for supper. That, as well as influence the feast and gives an eminent taste of one's supper. This kind of feeling is one which is difficult to find. 
  • Additionally, it has an electric auto-ignition start; with this component, it gives a simple method to start up the grill.
Due to the non-stick surface. This makes it simple to keep up the cleanness of the grill while getting a charge out of the colossal suppers.

These are a portion of the critical highlights that make Lil'Tex Elite barbecue among the best items from Traeger Company simply like Traeger Renegade Elite.

It will give your grilling another experience and pleasure. The costs are additionally extremely reasonable.

Traeger Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Grill

The Traeger expert arrangement is comprised of standard quality with bronze shading; the pellet grill ace arrangement is a standout among other items.

It has a prominent grilling region of 567 square inches that offers the clients chance to cook varieties of suppers at the same time and appreciate them with companions.

The thoroughly programmed highlights and advanced control framework empowers the client to control the grill effectively. Here are some other incredible features of this grill when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec


  • Has a more prominent space of around 572 square inches; this is bigger than much Traeger Renegade Elite, it empowers the client to plan varieties of dinners in the meantime.
  • Has utterly computerized twist drill; this empowers the client to work the grill with no issue effortlessly.
  • This component additionally enables the client to keep up the nature of the suppers each time he/she sets it up. 
  • The temperature fluctuates to 450 degrees, empowering the client to cook any attractive supper. The way that the temperature can be effectively controlled enables one to keep up the nature of the suppers prepared.
  • Uses 100% hardwood pellets; this hardwood fuel empowers the barbecue to be exceptionally proficient and also furnish the dinners with a one of a kind taste.
  • Not at all like the gas and coal-filled grills, this one offers uniqueness to the cooked items. Again the hardwood filled grill is anything but difficult to work and keep up.
  • Easy to look after cleanness; the sort of materials utilized on this Traeger star arrangement is non-sticky materials.
  • The bronze bust is anything but difficult to clean; the porcelain barbecue grates are additionally simple to keep up. The cleaning isn't tedious.

Traeger TFB29PLB Grills Bronson 20 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Traeger Bronson 20 pellet barbecue is among the best creation from Traeger Company.

One can get ready assortments of dinners, from new crusty fruit-filled treats, smoked hot ribs to a delicious steak.

All these can be the plan at home with loved ones. The massive thing about Bronson is that an assortments of choices are accessible to the clients.

Here is a portion of the considerable features that accompany this grill in comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec


  • Has a zone of 300 square inches barbecuing region; this territory is sufficient for a family to make the most of their dinners easily.
  • The barbecuing region can hold up to 12 burgers, 18 franks, four entire chickens or even three racks of smoked ribs.
  • Has an advanced Elite Controller; the empowers one to effortlessly set up the grill similarly as one sets up a stove.
  • This controller allows one to keep up the exact temperature inside -/+ 20 degrees. It will empower one to moderate cook on the smoke setting to exceedingly hot and quick 450 degrees of heat.
  • The grill is comprised of an LED show framework that enables the client to control the barbecue effectively and screen the temperature like merely utilizing Traeger Renegade Elite. 
  • 100% natural hardwood pellets power it; this empowers the client to encounter the wood-let go exciting taste that can be experienced from neither charcoal nor gas powers.
  • Traeger hardwood pellets are made of natural and virgin hardwood, with no coupling operators or fillers. You are then ready to appreciate the colossal flavor.
  • Regardless of whether Traeger came up short on pellets while cooking, the temperature will at present be kept up while sourcing the wood pellets.
  • Has a 6 out of 1 versatility; The Bronson wood pellet grill, alongside Traeger Renegade Elite and numerous other Traeger barbecues, have 6 of every 1 versatility, which enables the client to cook distinctive suppers at one and have the capacity to keep up their incredible flavor.
  • One can barbecue pizzas, a rack of ribs, heat custom made crusty fruit-filled treat. Regardless of what you grill, the feeling will at present be sublime.
  • You can heat, smoke, braise, grill or even BBQ and experience the flavorful taste of the suppers arranged.
  • The electronic auto ignition starts; this empowers one to maintain a strategic distance from dealings with customary fire starters.
  • With the auto ignition start, there is no requirement for charcoal stacks any longer. One can flip on/off and the Traeger will be up and prepared to go. 
  • Have off-road wheels to empower the smooth development of the grill; these off-road wheels are tough to allow the transportation of the barbecue even finished the stones.
  • The additional side handle makes the transportation unfathomably simple to oversee. You can move the Traeger through rock, soil, or also finished the pavers easily with these wheels.
  • Has Sawhorse Chassis; on account of the colossal sawhorse outline that has made Bronson 20 wood pellet, one can grill with certainty for more years to come.
  • The sawhorse case has empowered the flame broil to be more steady and last more.
  • The Bronson 20 wood pellet is enormously intended to nourish the requirements for grilling, preparing, cooking, thus substantially more.
  • This is one of the items from Traeger with impressive highlights exceptional to the cost.
  • The Bronson 20 wood pellet grill is moderate to the individuals who need to change their barbecuing background.

More about Rec Tec and It’s Top Products

Where are Rec Tec Grills Made

Rec Tec Grill

Since the revelation of flame, man has tried to ace the specialty of stewing meat utilizing fire.

Numerous changes and alterations have been made as we advanced throughout the years, taking us from open wood flames and wood let go pits, to charcoal barbecues, earthenware barbecues, balance smokers, and gas barbecues.

A large number of these items were made trying to vanquish the most critical and tricky component of cooking: Temperature control.

Over a portion of Americans utilize gas grills only and will forfeit flavor for comfort. Indeed, even most charcoal grillers claim a gas grill for "brisk" occupations.

REC TEC is bringing the craft of barbecuing into the digital age with the coming of Smart Grill Technology™ and its exclusive temperature control calculation.

Presently terrace fans can make steady outcomes with the kind of a genuine wood fire and the comfort that adversaries gas barbecues.

Quite a while prior, two companions concluded that they would make a definitive grill. In the first place, they would vanquish temperature control.

For what reason should an indoor stove have preferred temperature control over a barbecue? From this, Smart Grill Technology was conceived.

In any case, changing over innovation from a gas stove to a gas barbecue was only the start. Why not vanquish season as well?

Along these lines, Smart Grill Technology was utilized to control a good wood fire and was aligned to create precise temperatures when using REC TEC Premium Hardwood Pellets.

The last obstacle was quality. Both folks had claimed "hardened steel" barbecues to find following a couple of years that the treated steel was just restorative and that the mellow steel within had rusted out.

This is the reason each REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill has a substantial check hardened steel firepot that is worked to endure forever.

After numerous models, the REC TEC was culminated and turned into the envy of neighbors all over the place.

At first, neighbors would ask us to "REC TEC" their meat, at that point they began requesting their own REC TEC.

Deals started from our carports, and after that developed to full generation and our first retail store in Augusta, Georgia We presently offer grills straightforwardly from our clients the whole way across the United States.

This direct to customer approach enables us to create a top-notch item that can be acquired at an extremely reasonable cost.

The REC TEC family, comprising of both our group and our clients, keeps on encouraging the account of REC TEC Wood Pellet Grills, and for that, we bless your heart.

Rec Tec Cooking Times

Rec Tec cooking

When comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec, the folks who began REC TEC needed to deliver a grill with the sort of temperature control you would discover in an indoor stove.

This implied a pellet barbecue. Pellet grills are PC controlled cookers that utilization a twist drill to nourish wood pellets into a fire pot and a fan to quicken the fire, making a to a high degree proficient warmth.

The temperature control unit on this grill is excellent and simple to utilize. It tends to be begun with the push of a catch, making it a simple grill to use.

In testing, the announced temperature inside the grill often contrasts and by a significant sum with the real heat in the focal point of the cooking grate.

This isn't exceptional with pellet grills, however positively something to modify for. Others have revealed this issue too. This is caused to a great extent via wind stream irregularities inside the expansive cooking chamber.

You ought to think about utilizing an autonomous technique for checking the cooking temperature.

The body of this pellet barbecue is thick and professional, yet there are air spills around the entryway and wind can loot this unit of warmth rapidly.

Experienced pellet cooks realize that maybe changes ought to be made in cold temperatures and high breezes. A typical technique for this is a welding cover over the grill to save on pellets.

Since the unit isn't protected, this would be an absolute necessity for the individuals who live in northern atmospheres or foresee utilizing this unit when it is chilly.

A few deficiencies

There are a few things I would want a chance to see on pellet grills that this model is deficient. Especially when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec, one is a pellet discharge entryway with the goal that the container can be purged effectively.

I may like my pork smoked with hickory, however, my brisket with cherry wood. Since there isn't a simple method to exhaust the pellets out of this units container, that can be an issue.

The other thing I jump at the chance to see is a removable fire pot for cleaning. While a significant part of the cinder will be extinguished of the fire pot by the fan, some will remain, and fiery remains will develop in the base of the unit.

The best technique for clearing this out in the REC TEC grill is with a vacuum.

There is a burn unit choice, yet this is only an arrangement of three Grill Grates, the anodized aluminum grilling grates that have been such an achievement as of late.

These hold and exchange warm superior to anything hardened steel, giving an excellent cooking surface to nourishment that you need to be cooked with a singing surface.

While this doesn't make the grill any more blazing than its most extreme 500 F temperature, it provides a decent cover for steaks and hacks.

REC TEC offers them at an aggressive cost, and if this will be your solitary barbecue, it may be worth paying for when comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec.

Rec Tec Temperature Problems

Rec Tec temperature

When comparing Traeger vs Rec Tec, One of the immense points of interest one get when utilizing the wood pellets barbecues like Rec Tec is that the temperature is continuously steady.

Although at some point the heat may start to swing, so it's best to remain informed.

Something to note, however, if the temperature starts to swing, take as much time as is needed and watch if this is a dangerous issue or not.

So don't begin pushing and jabbing around attempting to discover the wellspring of the problem before this thought.

The temperature that is professed to be kept up by the smoker is typically the average temperature all through the whole cook. Remember this before thinking of ends if things go something else.

This way while the thermometer that accompanies the smoker is typically extremely exact, however, the temperature varieties are very ordinary amid the cook.

The smoker is guaranteed to have an accurate temperature scope of -/+ 20 degrees.

The temperature of the smoker possibly influenced by the earth around, for example; the breeze, coordinate daylight or shades, these would all be able to adjust the temperature of your smoker.

Other than these general contemplations to take note of, another issue to see when attempting to address the issue of temperature varieties is the pellets.

When you utilize low-quality pellets, they will deliver more slag. That implies the test will likewise battle to get an exact understanding; it will also invite the Rec Tec twist drill to nourish in many pellets into the firebox of the grill.

Another issue that one should need to consider to check is the trickle skillet, warm diffuser and also the fire pot.

If possible extra time these parts have eroded the oxygen stream changes and the problem areas could prompt spikes in the warmth. In any case, this won't occur if the Rec Tec is new.

Once in a while, the issue could likewise be the RTD test. So you can similarly utilize a digital thermometer to have the capacity to decide whether that is the situation.

Checking the development of the pellets all through the pellet box the distance to the wood screw ought to likewise be considered while investigating this issue.

A portion of the Rec Tec grill proprietors now and again generally report the effect of the uninhibited development of the pellets from the pellet box to the wood screw.

They say that the event may slack and the pellets won't move openly. With this circumstance, one will watch sudden temperature drops.

Be that as it may, this issue can be understood by a straightforward redistribution of pellets in the pellet box.

Top Rec Tec Products

REC TEC RT-680 Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC RT-680 Wood Pellet Grill

Outstanding amongst other Traeger barbecues is this Traeger TFT17LLA PTG+ Wood Pellet Grill, which is an incredible arrangement and ideal for little families and besides people.

Even though it won't enable you to nourish a line of gathering visitors, this smoker is incredible for going up against treks and utilizing at closely following occasions and besides using in your own home.

It includes a close down cycle that runs a fan for an entire 10 minutes after you cook to get the cinders abandoned under control.

This is one of the main convection smokers accessible today that will utilize good wood pellets.

The convection procedure enables the warmth to rise and move around inside the smoker to achieve each uncovered zone of your sustenance, yet the smoke will likewise infiltrate into those nourishments.

Although it works with a standard 110V outlet, it changes the measure of vitality utilized amid each phase of the cooking procedure to enable you to save money on your general vitality costs.

REC TEC RT-300 Min Portable Wood Pellet Grill

With the REC TEC RT-300 Min Portable Wood Pellet Grill, you can get the advantages of the RT-680 of every a grill that takes up a small amount of that space.

This barbecue has a little more than 340-square creeps of cooking space and can cook burgers, wieners, and even little chickens. 

Legs on the base of the grill overlap up for capacity and give the barbecue and much more minimized shape that will consume up to less room in your auto or truck when going with it. 

A warmth diverter inside alters the course or point of the warmth, and a trickle dish gets squeezes and fats to avoid fires.

The RT-300 accompanies a similar Smart Grill Technology include that the RT-680 does, which gives you better temperature control.

How Rec Tec Works

In Traeger vs Rec Tec, the REC TEC utilizes wood pellets rather than kindling. Thus, implying that the measure of wood that goes into the fire can be controlled.

The Smart Grill processor controls the cycle rate of a twist drill. Namely, this controls how much wood is conveyed to the fire pot.

Along these lines, you can pick an exact temperature - for instance, 225℉ and that temperature can be kept up by accelerating or backing off the rate at which fuel is going into the fire.

Rather than cooking something over "medium coals" with all the work that involves, you would now be able to prepare with accuracy, certainty, and consistency. 

The best pitmasters know how to control temperature with air and wood and after that screen their flames to keep up a steady cook.

Presently, with a REC TEC, chunks of charcoal, vents to open and close.

It's comparable how you control the griller in your kitchen, just rather than dull hot air or gas blazes, you're cooking with delightful wood smoke Like a good pitmaster.

Controlled Wood Means Controlled Temperature

Traeger Vs. Rec Tec

When you turn on your REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill, the Smart Grill processor goes to work. Namely, by invigorating the igniter pole situated in the barbecue's fire pot. And, merely adds enough fuel to your firepot to begin the fire without covering the flares.

Following a couple of minutes, you can see and notice the smoke originating from your grill. This is a factor common when looking at Traeger vs Rec Tec

At that point, the thick smoke from the lighting grouping clears, and thin, clean smoke begins to roll.

As of now, your Smart Grill processor starts including more pellet fuel. And, your temperature begins to move towards your chose temperature.

As the grill temperature surrounds the heat, the Smart Grill processor breaks down the barbecue's temperature information. 

And, figures the best possible pellet feed rate expected to achieve that temperature and hold unfaltering while you cook.

When you open your barbecue top to include nourishment or check your advancement, warmth will get away.

At the point when this happens, the Smart Grill processor will consist of pellets.

And, recalculate the essential fuel to take your temperature back to your set point.

Moreover, as your nourishment increments in temperature or the open air climate changes, your Smart Grill processor will adjust for these adjustments to keep up the correct temperature you chose.

Picking a champ amongst Traeger vs Rec Tec in an immediate fight is troublesome.

Mainly, because the two companies make some incredible items, yet we tipped our cap toward Traeger.

REC TEC remarkably makes two grills. However, the company has a package pack accessible that comes both the barbecue and a few extras.

The best motivation to choose a REC TEC grill is a result of its Smart Grill Technology.